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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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right now at 11:00, tragedy overseas. a young woman who survived the boston marathon bombings lost her life over the weekend. what happened? >> two volunteer firefighters from stafford county are back on the job tonight. now the community is calling them heros. >> plus, what's in your tap? we'll explain why thousands of will notice a distinct change and smell and taste of your water. >> it is good to have you with us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. we begin tonight two firefighters are now being celebrated for the way they helped a toddler in distress.
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marina marraco has the story from fredricksburg. >> some good. >> reporter: after roughly two days they are back on the job after they decided to transport an 18-month-old patient on a fire truck instead of waiting for an ambulance captain james kelly one of two firefighters went on his first call back since saturday. he said if he was ever put in the same position again having to treat a child who turned blue he would 100 % do the same thing and take that child to the hospital in a fire truck rather than wait another second for an ambulance. now following today's reinstatement, the fear chief says it still needs to be addressed individually. emts decided to make that call, the nearest ambulance of basic life support was still two miles away and an advanced life
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support was nearly five miles from the patient. >> we don't get compensated for what we do and good outcome is what we like to hear. so when a story like this happens and a child comes out well, that's our payment. so we really appreciate that. >> it felt good to be back, back on the fire truck. appreciate all the support from the citizens, the community. nationwide internationally and everything. it's been a great for us all. >> do you think at times bureaucracy gets involved and gets put before people's lives in this matter an 18-month-old baby? >> guys on the street have split seconds to make decision. bureaucrats have years to tear those decisions down. so if i had to pin it on something, it could be bureaucratic policy, it could be a myriad of things. i have no idea. i cannot speculate what they were thinking, nor do i want to. at the end of the day, iel
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i believe they saved a little girl's life or they prevented more damage to that little girl's life. she's at home, resting well, she's with her family. >> despite reinstatement, the county still contends that protocol was not followed because they transported a patient in a quote none transport vehicle. however the firefighters did place that patient, that 18-month-old child with oxygen on the way to the hospital and also was restrained by a seat belt. the virginia office of emergency medical services still has to review the incident. tonight in stafford county, marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> fox 5 is in the district now. police want to know who pulled the trigger in a deadly drive-by in southeast. still looking for the suspects who stole a church van and used it in that
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the suspects stole a honda odyssey van. the van was found abandoned. investigators do not think this was a random attack but they're not sure who was the intended target. a security scare briefly sent the white house into lockdown. a man got on the other side of a temporary barrier on the northeast fence. secret service immediately arrested the man. a group of college students visiting from tennessee recorded this video. they told fox 5 that police instructed them to run towards h street. you can see everyone running in panic, unsure of what was happening. >> today pentagon officials confirmed a successful air strike against a terrorist training camp in somalia. more than 150 militants were reportedly killed in saturday's air strike 120 miles north of
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mogudishi. meantime the u.s. defense department has released this new video of an air strike. it was carried out in late february in iraq. the operation also destroyed a bunker, and defense units belonging to the militant group. >> let's take it outside tonight. wasn't today's warm-up fabulous? and it is only going to get better tomorrow. sue palka standing by tonight with a look at your forecast. i was going say good morning, sue. >> good morning, shawn. i would start the day over. it was that nice. >> it was great. we got up to 66 degrees. a little bit of tree pollen showing up. find those meds because by the end of this week a lot of us are going to be saying oh, yeah, tree pollen getting ready to do its things. 66 degrees today, how about 74 tomorr
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were talking about winter weather advisories. anyway, it's still 51 degrees now. our average high is 53. so still warm in the city. but considerably cooler in frederick at 39. and we will have a cool night overnight. most places heading to the 40s. that's not bad for march. 47 degrees for the district. we have a little bit of cloud cover coming through but notice the wind direction out of the southwest at 5 to 10. that makes all the difference. so we'll have a few clouds around it should be a pretty sunrise tomorrow morning and we want to say thank you brian for this gorgeous sunrise picture. tomorrow sunrise 6:29. the temperature should be right around 48 degrees. so as we look at our day planner, 8:00 a.m. temperature 58 degrees keep in mind some places will be into the mid 40s. by the noon hour 67. but look at this we'll see a few places south of dc already up to 70 by noon and 5:00 temperature 71. but many places in the low 70s. in a few spots near water, look at annapolis a little
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at about 56 degrees. that is your planner for tuesday. wait until you see the 7-day forecast. potential for record heat on it. i'll share it with you in just a few minutes. >> there was some tougher talk today for metro's new general manager months after he took over. he spoke for more than an hour. he addressed failings in two key areas. rail breakdowns and what many ri riders say is the invisible police presence on metro. >> to be frank it's much worse than i expected, maybe even publicly we've been talking about. one of the first things that i noticed with our security is it tends to be almost invisible at times because of the uniforms. they blend into the crowd. we have an event where anything occurs, it's hard to see who's in charge. >> he said he is also looking into
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service in the tunnels which he described as a vital issue in the event of an emergency. >> fox 5 is in fairfax county where police are trying to find out who vandalized a police car. take a look. someone spray painted this cruiser in mclane saturday night. authorities say this is actually a ghost car which means it's typically parked in certain areas to get cars to slow down and increase visibility in the community. police say if you know anything about this, please call them. a former montgomery county commissioner has pleaded guilty to misconduct in office. he was charged last year with using his cell phone to take pictures up a woman's skirt when he was working for the montgomery county detention center in rockville. he was arrested and fired from his job. today he was a one year suspended sentence. he was also ordered to write a letter of apology and
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therapy class. >> still ahead tonight starbucks is no longer selling a certain breakfast sandwich due to listeria concerns. >> plus a young college student who survived the boston marathon bombing was killed this weekend in dubai. the latest in this story. >> and parents, here is another app to keep an eye on. you know how you can rate restaurants and businesses on sites like yelp? this app, it only let's you rate people. details ahead tonight.
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her funeral will be held at 11:00 a.m. friday. mrs. reagan will be then laid to rest next to her husband the late president ronald reagan. a young woman who survived the boston bombing in 2013 died in a car accident this dubai over the weekend. this is a picture of victoria mcgrath. it was taken while a firefighter carried her to s
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bombing. she recovered from her injuries and was finishing her senior year when she was involved in a car accident and died in dubai yesterday. she was traveling with another north eastern student who was also killed. >> new at 11:00 tonight, dc police made a massive drug bust in northeast. here's what we do know. they recovered 115 bags of heroin, 85 bags of crack cocaine, 48 half ounce bags of marijuana and 19 morphine pulls. police have not made any arrests. we will keep you posted as we get more information. there's a brand new app that let's other users rate people. >> the controversial peeple app launched today. critics are concerned it could lead to bullying or worse. megan dice is live with more. >> reporter:
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parts. it's based on recommendations to provide a score about you. if you're heading into a bar like this one, you can meet connections with people with high peeple scores in what's called a nearby feature. you have to be 21 years old to get et app. you have to be verified by facebook and have an account for more than six months as well as a cell phone. only members who are signed up are visible on the site. a change before there was a 5 star rating. that's been dropped. now it takes the form of recommendations in the categories such as personal, professional and romantic, equalling a people number. what happens if someone sent a recommendation about you. you can approve or delete any of those recommendations. we spoke to a psychologist tonight about the effects
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rating people. >> these evaluations can last a lifetime. it's not something you can just slough off. i remember a young woman who told me when she was nine years old she kicked over a milk bottle in a hall way. it was dark. her father said mmp you big, dumb cow you." she carried that image of herself for the rest of her life, enough to take her into therapy. >> reporter: in april a premium service called the truth license will be baun muched on the peeple app. you can upgrade to see everything that has been posted about other members, whether they have chosen to display that or not. that's going to cost around $1. we're back to you. >> people living in the district in northern virginia may notice a change in the smell and taste of their water. water officials say they are temporarily changing the
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disinfectant in drinking water from chloramine to chlorine. >> it's in there to help keep the pipes and everything clean so it doesn't put bacteria. >> it does not sound appetizing. this weather sounds yummy. it's perfect as we're going to get right now. >> it's a nice stretch of days. i think we've earned it after the winter, although winter wasn't too terrible. had a couple of fun surprises in there, but onward to some potentially record-setting high temperatures this week. >> wow. >> wednesday-thursday we think we could be hitting 80 degrees. or real close to it. >> 80 degrees? >> 80 degrees. if the district doesn't hit it, other places will. it will be our first one for the season and it is definitely feeling like spring. cool nights though don't be surprised tomorrow morning when you start out in the early spring, and we're not there yet. we're in late winter. but it takes until probably
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in the afternoon to really make it feel like spring. and that's what we're going to be doing for the most of the rest of this week. this looks like a fantastic week. showing you the high temperatures tomorrow, expecting dc to hit about 74 degrees. 76 for fredricksburg. also want to point out annapolis closer to the water there. you might not get quite as warm as the rest of us, then again you do live near water thand's a great benefit as well. let me show you what's going on for the next couple of days. even warmer for wednesday at 80 degrees. that's one of the days we think we could tie the record high temperature. how did it change so fast? there's a lot of heat building in the south. high pressure is in what we call the sweet spot. it's often referred to as a bermuda high pressure when it's here. in that position it comes up south and southwest wind flow and brings in all the warm air from the south. mid 70s tomorrow and 80 degrees is what we're thinki
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wednesday and thursday. and both of those days could be very close to tying or breaking the record. here's high pressure now and you can see also something else it's doing, and that is as we put our future cast in motion, it's keeping a big wall up. it will not have any luck doing that throughout the week. but it will probably have some luck breaking down that ridge of high pressure as we get into the weekend. so the weekend will feature a little bit of shower activity potentially both days. as our ridge gives a little ground and we start seeing some of those showers start coming in. and a little more cloud cover too. so here's what we're thinking. 80 degrees on wednesday and thursday our temperature on friday about 07 degrees. into the kwevend showers possible saturday we drop the temperature to 65. sunday 67 and of course the oc
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time to spring forward on sunday. enjoy that extra hour of daylight and set your clocks forward. monday temperatures 66 degrees. back to thursday check out some of the high temperatures around the region. we're thinking it could be up and over 80 in many areas. again annapolis still a little cooler at 67 degrees at this time of year with the water nearby. pretty nice-looking 7-day forecast has us all thinking about those spring sports which sends us over to jim lokay for a little update on sports. >> four years awfully short to call it an era. whatever the time could be called it's no more. today the skins officially cut ties with robert griffin iii. the team said it was going to do it a few weeks ago, this was the time. he was lek fiiing in his rookie season, 9 and 6 leading the skins to an nfc
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playoff game. it was that one playoff game that proved to be the beginning of the end. that knee injury. he never was the same as a runner. this past season he didn't play a single snap. it was a blessing, i just wanted to say thank you. and that picture after his famous 76-yard touchdown run with the vikings. we all wish him well. the capitals, 18-1 and 1 in their last. they're not the mighty ducks anymore. i almost called them that. watch this. that comes exactly 1 minute into the game. still playing it is 1-0 ducks. marks the 10-year anniversary of george mason
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cinderella run. >> everybody's goal is to get to the final 4. so i just pointed out the banner that hangs in the arena and the sacrifices and the joy, it's not really about winning. it's about enjoying playing. if you have fun playing, the score takes care of itself. >> tomorrow is the opening day for the acc tournament. we're seeing some of the lower tier teams playing. >> i don't know if you saw my mouth drop open. >> 10 year
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>> 10 years ago when everybody's brackets went to pot. >> if you would have asked me i would have said six years, maybe. >> and the one thing about that year was nobody remembered who was the second seed. they all remember george mason. >> that's right. good stuff. thank you, sir. >> still ahead, from fire victim to lifesaver. how this puppy found a new calling inside of a south carolina firehouse. that's coming up next. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile.
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wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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starbucks is recalling one of its breakfast sandwiches over listeria concerns. sausage, egg and cheddar cheese on an english muffin are being recalled. i guess they don't have a name for the sandwich. >> that's water and coffee beans right there. >> that's right. at this point no
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reported illnesses. >> by the way, that was a starbucks cheese sausage and something on a something sandwich. that's the name of it. >> now to a sweet little story now. a puppy who was badly burned in a fire when he was just three weeks old has a brand new calling with the fire department. jake's owners could not afford his vet bills so they left him at the vet's office. the fire department adopted him and guess what? he's now trying to become an arson dog. the firefighters take jake to local schools to teach kids about fire safety. >> love that. >> firefighters are awesome. >> yes, they are. very caring. >> and dogs are awesome. >> yes. >> they can sniff things out. it's amazing. >> going to get you one for christmas. >> i would like a dog.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. it is now a clean sweep. pretty much every champion has fallen. latest, conor mcgregor and holly holm but it did not cramp their style because they partied. >> the two of them partied up at surrender nightclub in las vegas. harvey: it is true, every single champion, klitschko, weidman, serena. >> bruce jenner? [laughter] >> jenner garner and ben affleck are running errands together. jennifer garner was seen wearing this sweatshirt and then ben affleck was wearing the same exact sweatshirt. harvey: meaning what? >> reconciliation. >> because of a sweatshirt? >> they look equally good in the sweatshirt as well. it's like the traveling pants. fits both of them perfectly. >> kelly clarkson did an interview where she discussed dr. luke. the one kesha accused


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